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PAX East Incoming!

Ladies and gentlemen, PAX East, the Penny Arcade’s very first show on the east coast, is right around the corner. With badges sold out, and Boston’s Hynes Convention Center full to capacity, it’s bound to be a kick-ass show. Naturally, you’ll all be wanting to get the latest scoop on this year’s upcoming titles. You’ll want to know what sorts of games and nick knacks are rearing their heads for the first time. Alas, curiosity is the downfall of the of the compulsive gamer with no travel budget, but don’t worry. Just take a long, comfy sit in your gaming chair and whip out your laptop. AmpedGaming has got you covered.
Our Executive Editor, Jon Huie, and yours truly, Frank Hunter, will be heading to Boston to cover this exciting event. We’ll be talking to the developers. We’ll be asking the hard questions. We’ll be going hands on with some of the newest titles. And of course, we’ll be reporting back to you. So Keep your eyes peeled because even we don’t know what we’re going to see, and that’s not just due to shoddy research! Boston is a land of adventure, and we are the pilgrims. Stay posted for live news coverage this weekend!
And by the way, for you fans attending the show, I know there is one question on your minds above all. One nagging, lingering little question that you need the answer to. Well, wait no longer. The answer is an absolute yes. You may take me out for a drink on Saturday night. My favorite beer is Killian’s, and you’re very generous for offering to pay. I’ll look forward to it!

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